Richard LaBarbera

                     Born, raised and educated in New York; the recipient of the 2004 and 2014 South Florida                                                                 Cultural Consortium Fellowship, Richard LaBarbera's work has appeared in solo and group shows                                                     nationally and internationally.  He graduated with his masters of fine arts degree from Columbia

University in 2004.  He has taught photography at Columbia University and Florida International University and currently teaches at Palm Beach State College and Miami Dade College.  His work is in the Collections of The Ft Lauderdale Art Museum and art collectors around the country.  The themes of Mr. LaBarbera's photography are:

"In The Name of The Father":  Portraits of Roman Catholic Priests. Mr. LaBarbera was the recipient of the 2004 South Florida Cultural Consortium Fellowship with these portraits.

"Family Archives": A series of diptychs of Mr. LaBarbera's family using past and present photographs

"Extended Family": Panoramic photographs expanding a 4 year period of his sister and her partner

"Enschede": A city in The Netherlands where in May of 2000 a storage facility housing fireworks exploded killing 25 people in the village

"Lake Okeechobee": Portraits of people whom have made Lake Okeechobee, Florida their work their home and their playground while   the course of time has had its impacts on the environment and the lake's water supply during one of the worst reccessions.

It is with this portfolio that Mr. LaBarbera was the recipient of the 2014 South Florida Consortium to be held at The Bass Museum, Miami, Florida in early 2015. The date to be announced.

"Youth Hunters": While photographing the series "Lake Okeechobee" I wandered into the world of youth sporting activities which included the education of youngsters with firearms. If it were not for the willingness and understanding of these youngsters these portraits would not be possible. I therefore, would like to thank each and everyone for standing for their portrait.

Mr. LaBarbera lives in Florida where he is an adjunct professor of photography while he continues to pursue his work.


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